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Eye tracking and eye-controlled technology
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Eye Tracking

Interactive Minds is always open to new ideas. We closely follow many different areas of eye tracking research and continuously develop new eye tracking software to support those efforts. We can support you in planning, preparing and realizing your projects.

The company name "Interactive Minds" was chosen for a purpose - we know the benefits of gathering ideas and thoughts as a team.

Interactive Minds provides highly effective and user-friendly solutions for all application areas of eye tracking.

Eye tracking applications: Usability / UX

Usability / UX

Eye tracking as an objective method for Usability and UX testing
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Eye tracking applications: Usability / UX

Web Analyses

Innovative web analyses with dynamic content compensation
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Eye tracking applications: Science

Scientific Research

Precise measurements with various export and synchronization options
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Eye tracking applications: Market research

Market Research

Analyses for advertisements, commercials and product design
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Eye tracking applications: Simulation


Eye tracking in simulation environments, now also in 3D
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Eye tracking applications: Assistive technology

Assistive Technology

Gaze controlled communication and interaction with unmatched accuracy
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Eye tracking offers a wide range of analysis options, is used as a human-machine interface for HCI applications and for environmental control and communications in the field of assistive technology.

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