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+ What kind of stimuli can I use in my study?
Every content which can be displayed on the screen is suitable for NYAN. It natively supports images, videos, texts, blank screens, fixation crosses and web pages.
+ Can I control the flow of the stimulus presentation, e.g. presentation in blocks or randomization?
Yes. Stimuli can be presented sequentially or randomized ordered in cascading blocks. Therefore even complex experimental designs are possible.
+ Are "fixation crosses" (gaze contingent) supported?
Yes. NYAN offers support for gaze contingent fixation crosses with adjustable dwell times and dwell regions.
+ Which inputs can be recorded?
In addition to gaze data NYAN records key presses, mouse movements and clicks. Speech and user video recordings are also possible.
+ Can I analyze my data by subject groups?
Yes, you can very flexibly group your subjects according to any criteria you like. Those groups can later be used for group or group comparison analyses.
+ Does NYAN support dynamically moving Areas of Interest (AOIs) on videos?
Yes. You can easily create moving AOIs on videos and later on have NYAN compute gaze statistics on them (e.g. dwell times, time to first fixation etc.).
+ Can I analyze different data streams synchronized?
Yes. NYAN has the unique ability to open different analysis tools at the same time and to synchronize them. Thereby even complex analyses are easily accomplished.
+ Can I record a video of the user during my study?
Yes. The resulting user video can later on be synchronized with other analyses.
+ Is it allowed to install NYAN on more than one computer?
Yes. You can install NYAN on as many computers as you like. The license can be easily migrated.
+ I would like to analyze my data on different computers. Is this possible?
Yes. All collected data and stimuli are stored within one folder. Therefore it is quite easy to transport your project to different computers.


+ Is it possible to analyze dynamically changing web content?
Yes. NYAN contains unique means to detect dynamic web page content automatically and to take this into account for analysis.
+ Are scrolling web pages a problem?
No. Scrolling is captured and compensated. When analyzing you work with an image of the complete web page without any scrollbars. Tedious work like defining sections in screen recordings or dynamic AOIs are not necessary with NYAN.
+ Can I create heatmaps on large web pages although they span over several screen pages?
Yes. Since NYAN captures a web page as a whole heatmaps are always generated on the complete web page.
+ Can I investigate dynamic web elements like drop down menus or dynamic overlays?
Yes. Dynamic elements like drop down menus and overlays are automatically detected.
+ Can I perform Area of Interest/ Region of Interest analyses on web pages?

Result presentation and export

+ Can I export my results from NYAN? Which formats are supported?
Generally you can export everything which is displayed in NYAN analyses. Copy to clipboard is also supported.

Analysis results, stimuli and diagrams can be graphically exported as either images or video. Available formats are among others:
  • BMP
  • PNG
  • JPG
  • GIF
  • PDF
  • SVG
  • WMF
  • PCX
  • AVI
  • WMV
  • MPEG
Raw data and fixation data from the eye tracker and AOI definition and statistics can also be exported. Supported formats are:
  • TXT
  • CSV (Comma separated values)
  • TSV (Tab separated values)
  • Excel
  • Word
  • Rich text
  • HTML
  • DIF (Data interchange format)
  • SYLK (Symbolic link)
+ Can I export data for use in SPSS or Matlab?

Remote control and experimenter

+ Can I get a live preview of the gaze behavior during a study?
Yes. The Local Live Viewer Module allows the inspection of gaze positions in real-time on a second computer screen which can be placed e.g. in a separate experimenter room. By our integration with Techsmith Morae you can also remotely inspect gaze behaviour using Morae Observer.
+ Can an experimenter send trigger events during a recording?

Synchronization with external hardware and software

+ Can data be synchronized with external programs?
Yes. Both real-time as well as post-hoc synchronization is possible. Already available are extensions for Techsmith Morae and the Varioport physiologger.
+ Can trigger be sent to external devices?
Yes. You can send trigger signals in real-time.


+ What kind of support do I get with NYAN?
With a purchase of our eye tracking solutions you get free e-mail support. Additional support plans are available.
+ How actively is NYAN maintained?
We work continiously on improving NYAN and the integration of new features. We take the feedback from our customers very seriously and appreciate every comment.
+ Can I download the software?
After purchase you can log in to our customers area. There you will find the latest releases and other useful information.
+ Which NYAN Edition is the right one for me?
Please have a look at the editions overview to get an overview of the capabilities of each edition. If you are not sure, don't hesitate to ask us or give us a call we are pleased to help you!
+ Where can I see NYAN in action?
Please get in contact with us to schedule an individual appointment for a presentation.

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