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Eye tracking and eye-controlled technology
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Web Analyses

Distribution of visual attention shown in attention maps
Automatic detection of dynamic elements (overlaid menus, flash, popup windows, etc.)
Web site navigation of user groups shown in navigation path diagrams
Click maps for click behavior
Comparison of target groups

Due to further development of technologies based on web 2.0 and dynamically overlaid content in menus and commercials analysis of web sites becomes more and more challenging.

If for instance a menu is opened and closed by moving the mouse, the eye tracking analysis has to separate the perception of the menu form the perception of the content behind it. To find those events by manual video sectioning frame by frame can make analysis very time consuming so that financial expenses could exceed a studies’ value.

In order to solve this problem we’ve developed tools for automatic web site analysis. Drop-down Menus, commercials with overlays and dynamic elements like flash videos are detected and optionally filtered. They can be included in the post-processing of eye tracking data. Manual frame by frame analysis of screen recording videos is not necessary anymore. Embedded web sites (frames, i-frames) and scrolling events are no longer a problem. Analysis of several participants or target groups becomes easy as well. NYAN® automatically creates visualizations like navigation charts. You can integrate them immediately in your presentation.

Use eye tracking for your web analyses.

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Web Analyses with NYAN®

Eye tracking Study Design
Easy planning of multiple tasks with the web task manager.
Eye tracking Fixations
Observe users in real-time on a second screen.
Eye tracking Dynamic Web pages
Dynamic elements (overlay-menus, flash elements, pop-up windows etc.) are detected automatically.
Eye tracking Web page navigation
Analysis of navigation behavior of single users or groups.
Eye tracking Area of Interest
Automatic analyses support the interpretation of your results.
Eye tracking Heat map
Generate easily comprehensible visualizations for your customer presentations in short time.
Eye tracking Synchronizing
Synchronize several analyses for higher informative value.
Eye tracking User video
Create user videos and record events by markers or trigger signals.

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