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Eye tracking and eye-controlled technology
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Market Research

Eye tracking with participants of all ages
Analysis of effectiveness of advertisement (images, videos and web)
Definition and analysis of static and dynamic AOI
Target group comparison analysis
Synchronization of eye tracking data with third party hardware and software

If you want to analyze effectiveness of advertisements, different approaches in connection with eye tracking analysis are possible. Our eye tracking software NYAN® supports you during designing your study, recording processes and analyzing of your data. We put emphasis on providing you automatic and easy to use methods of analysis. Even with a few spot samples and in short time you will gain results of high informative value.

Use eye tracking as an objective method for your market research.

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Market research with NYAN®

Web task editor
Create significant eye tracking studies in a few steps.
Remote control
Observe user behavior via a second monitor in real-time.
Automatic analyses support you to interpret your results.
Group comparison
Compare the visual attention of different groups using attentional landscape technology.
Create visualizations for your custom presentations in short time.
User videos
Create user videos and record events by sending self-defined markers or trigger signals.
Analysis combination
Combine different analyses for more evidence.
Synchronizaton signals
Synchronize eye tracking data with recording devices from third parties (e.g. EEG, skin conductance …) by interfaces for hardware and software.
SPSS data
Various export formats especially for statistic processing (e.g. R, SPSS, MATLAB).
Bright pupil method
Bright pupil method for trouble-free eye tracking even with make-up and mascara, eye glasses or contact lenses.
Compensation for partially occluded pupils
Compensation for partially occluded pupils (e.g. with elder people, subjects from Asian communities).
Eye tracking for children and babies
Calibration designs for different user groups, even applicable for infants.

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