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Eye tracking and eye-controlled technology
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User Experience / Usability

Gaze analysis reveals mistakes and weaknesses
Fast and user-friendly design of eye tracking studies
Meaningful results even with small participant groups
User and target group comparison
Saving of time by automatic analysis methods
Visualization of results for customer presentations
Real-time visualization of participant screen content with gaze overlay on the observer screen
Integration of individually defined trigger signals

Eye tracking as an objective method is part of user experience or usability tests and reveals weak points e.g. in graphical user interfaces.

Our goal is to provide the most flexible and user-friendly methods in eye tracking.

Use eye tracking as an objective method for increasing users satisfaction.

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User experience / usability analyses with NYAN®

The recording and analysis software NYAN® provides you to solve complex tasks in short time.

Eye tracking Study Design
Create powerful eye tracking studies in only a few steps.
Eye tracking User Video
Observe user behavior via a second monitor in real-time.
Eye tracking Area of Interest
Automatic analyses help you in the interpretation of your results.
Eye tracking Remote control
Create user videos and record events by sending self-defined markers or trigger signals.
Eye tracking Attention map
Generate easily comprehensible visualizations for your customer presentations in short time.

User Experience - our tip:

Combine "Retrospective Think-aloud" with eye tracking: The participant is shown his own gaze behavior after the fact, for instance as gaze overlay. He can comment along while watching a replay of the previously recorded session. Applying thinking aloud after recording has the advantage to avoid any biases on the original measurement.

Looking at their own gaze path the participants can remember more and above all more special details.

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