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Eye tracking and eye-controlled technology
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Simulation / Scene Cam

Eye tracking in 3-dimensional environments
Gaze movements in virtual environments, driving simulators, 3D games
Interfaces for synchronizing your data
Real-time access to 3D data
SDK for different programming languages

Recording and analyzing of gaze behavior in virtual environments allows for gaining detailed insight in visual perception. You can study gaze movements in real-time in virtual environments, such as in driving simulators and 3D games. Different functions for synchronization and allocation of the gaze data with objects in a virtual world are provided via the interface of NYAN®

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Simulation and scene camera experiments with NYAN®

Eye tracking without monitor, screen, etc.
Compatible with stereoscopic visualizations (e.g. shutter glasses, polarization filter).
Bright pupil method for trouble-free eye tracking even with make-up and mascara, with eye glasses or contact lenses.
Compensation for partially occluded pupils (e.g. with elder people, subjects from Asian communities).
Precise eye tracking data (fixations, saccades, pupil size, …). Camera images of the eye to control the measurement.
Synchronize eye tracking data with recording devices from third parties (e.g. EEG, skin conductance …) by interfaces for hardware and software.
Calibration designs for different user groups, even applicable for infants.
Interfaces for tools of third parties (e.g. Presentation®, E-Prime®, MATLAB®).
Free SDK (e.g. C/C++, Java, Delphi).

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